Why do we spell "emissary" that way? A play on the spelling of the word, an eMMissary is a member of a specially screened and selected cohort of industry leaders, both military and civilian, who goes through a six month, cohort style leadership development curriculum. The 'MM' in the spelling is our shorthand for Military Mentors.


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Each eMMissary receives:

  • a customized welcome package

  • a specifically curated leader development curriculum including communication techniques, components of mentoring, and aspects of DEIA

  • exclusive Military Mentors insider content 

  • direct access to our board of advisors 

Cohort 1

Their Impact: 

  • Manning, management, and logistical support provided to the Tufts Medical Center senior staff for COVID-19 crisis action planning

  • A retiree coordinated a team of 20 vets to deliver 1,400+ lbs of food  

  • Online resource and in-person mentoring program created, uniting two college campuses, local area high schools, and a career center

cohort 1.png

Cohort 2

Their Impact: 

  • Podcast created

  • High school scholarship nonprofit started

  • 3,000+ COVID meals funded

  • Projectors and laptops donated to Caribbean classrooms

  • Minority Army officer recruiting strategy enacted

  • Combatting toxic masculinity men's group developed

cohort 2.png

Cohort 3

Their Impact: 

  • Nonprofit started that focuses on eradicating food, housing, and employment insecurity in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas

  • Creation of a mentorship program for Army Audiologists spread across multiple time zones, with the goal of building better
    Installation Hearing Program Clinics and increasing the
    effectiveness of the Army Hearing Program

  • Air Force female mentor group started based around bi-weekly dinners with guest speakers, including topics discussed ranging from specific work instances and roadblocks to feelings about perceptions and difficulties of equitable representation in the workplace, advancement opportunities, and other frustrations

  • Rough draft of a children's book focused on military and civilian children, told from the perspective of the military child to the civilian child aimed at narrowing misconceptions and unknowns 

cohort 3.png